Tuesday, April 19, 2011


anyone remember me?  I haven't blogged in forever!  Life caught up with me!!  I also haven't posted anything new in my etsy store for a while.  I think I'm going to put my store on vacation until I have more time to devote to it... so what all have I been working on?

- teaching the 6 year old to read!!
- teaching the 6 year old to ride his bike without training wheels!
- completely remodeling our master bathroom... (I will post pictures in the next day or so when it is all done!!
-scrapbooking... I've really gotten back into it thanks to the suite crop I went to a couple weeks ago!
- week long trip to Disney World!!
- school and driving the boys here there and everywhere
- just general house things!!

I plan to blog more often and hope to get back to my etsy shop at some point soon!!

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