Sunday, October 31, 2010

Moving right along to Thanksgiving!!

I went ahead and have started listing some of my die cuts in my etsy shop.  The first set I will share on here... they are an embellished male and female pilgrim silhouette... I think they turned out really well!!
So the best thing about this is... I posted these cute little pilgrims in my etsy shop and about 15 minutes later I received an email saying that they had been picked up to be showcased in a Thanksgiving treasury!!
You should go check out all the super cute items listed in the treasury!!

Happy Halloween!!

I'm not a huge fan of Halloween, but it's ok!!  There's just so much sugar and junk involved with it that I could take it or leave it, but since my kids love Halloween,  I soldier through it.  For the kiddos classes this year, I decided to go with a non-candy option to hand out, and with the help of Buzz and Woody (my kids' costume choices) we decided to hand out play-dough.  Target had these packs of 20 little containers of play-dough for like $3 each.  We got a couple packs, but the boys and I decided that the little containers looked super boring by themselves so I decorated them... I think they turned out super-cute... what do you think??
I used my cricut to cut out the spiders and then I used a 3-d glue dot to attach the spiders to the top of the containers.  I then used my computer to print out little strips that said "Happy Halloween!!  From: David" (or Eli - for his class).  I was able to use black scraps for the spiders so the whole project was not very costly at all!

So, the very interesting thing is that I got a TON of comments on them so I've decided to add another category to my etsy shop... I will now be selling embellished die cuts by themselves as well as die cuts attached to certain items (for instance playdough containers.)  These die cuts will be perfect for making cards, scrapbook pages, bulletin boards, etc.  Stay tuned for more fun surprises!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Some shirts (well actually onesies)

I have a dear friend whose third kiddo will be 1 this weekend and she is having a cowboy themed party for him.  So she asked (or I suggested... I don't remember) that I make him a cowboy shirt for his party.  I have some of the CUTEST vintage cowboy material.  When I say vintage it came from my mom's stash of material (and possibly she got it from my grandma's stash).  I was going to make a long-sleeve t-shirt, but it's virtually impossible to find 18 month long sleeve t-shirts so I went with a long-sleeve onesie.  This is probably my most favorite shirt I have made to date...

The other most recent shirt (onesie) I made was for the same friend.  It is a gift for her niece Zoe.  Here are the pics of that one...

Remember you can click on any image to see a close up of the picture!!

I'm still here!!

Wow!!  I can't believe that I haven't posted since July 16th!  That's crazy.  I'll give you a brief update.  I am still selling stuff like crazy in my etsy store and on facebook!!  I love it!!  My oldest son started kindergarten this year.  It's only half day and it's in the afternoon, but man, it's kicking my butt!!  When  your kids don't get up until 9 (and I'm not complaining) by the time you get them dressed, fed breakfast, etc.  it's pretty much time to get them lunch and get David off to school.  It's now October and we are still trying to figure out a good routine (and that doesn't even include Eli's school 2 days a week or naps!!).

I have several cute things that I've recently sold that I will post some pictures of soon!!