Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Some shirts (well actually onesies)

I have a dear friend whose third kiddo will be 1 this weekend and she is having a cowboy themed party for him.  So she asked (or I suggested... I don't remember) that I make him a cowboy shirt for his party.  I have some of the CUTEST vintage cowboy material.  When I say vintage it came from my mom's stash of material (and possibly she got it from my grandma's stash).  I was going to make a long-sleeve t-shirt, but it's virtually impossible to find 18 month long sleeve t-shirts so I went with a long-sleeve onesie.  This is probably my most favorite shirt I have made to date...

The other most recent shirt (onesie) I made was for the same friend.  It is a gift for her niece Zoe.  Here are the pics of that one...

Remember you can click on any image to see a close up of the picture!!

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