Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just a few things on my mind...

1.  Sorry I haven't posted in a while... this has been the problem...

Yes that's my crafting/work station and it's a disaster!  I've been working on getting it cleaned off so hopefully tonight and tomorrow I can get some stuffs done!!

2.  It was another great mail day... just don't tell my husband!!!
Yes those are 5 new cricut cartridges!

3.  Hi, my name is Jenny and I have a cricut addiction... someone please take ebay away from me (see #2)!!

4.  My children have become fish!!  They beg daily (actually multiple times daily) to go to the pool.  I love taking them to the pool, but it has started to cut into my creative time... oh well, at least I will be tan!

5.  I took some pictures of some of my flowers in the front yard today and they turned out really well so you have to suffer through seeing them!!

6.  I took my dog to the vet today and he has lost 26 pounds in the last year which is really good!!  He has a genetic jaw disease which causes him to need prednisone so whenever he is on prednisone, his weight balloons, but now he is at 80 pounds which is right where he needs to be!!!  (He's a black lab)

7.  My neighbor 3 doors down makes the best pina coladas EVER!!!!

8.  When I was walking home from my neighbor 3 doors down, the neighbors 2 doors down who are having a large memorial service for the next 40 days in their front yard asked me to stop and drink with them.  I said no thanks!!

9.  Porn, Penny Stocks, and Alzheimer's don't work well together!!

10.  I think that's all I have for now... must go clean workspace!!!

Have a wonderful night!!!!

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  1. I hear ya on the ebay addiction! I've recieved a CTMH stamp set, a cricut cartridge, and I'm expecting another cartridge any day now. It's a sickness.