Thursday, June 17, 2010

So who or what is SkinnyJenny??

I didn't weigh 100 pounds until I was married in 2000.  Growing up, I heard the phrase SkinnyJenny many many times.  (I also had other nicknames, but we don't need to go there!!)  It has kind of engrained itself in my mind even though I'm no longer what anyone would call "skinny".  After my first baby, my metabolism slowed WAAAAAAY down and I kept an extra 20 pounds.  After my second baby, my metabolism slowed down again and I have kept another extra 20 pounds, which is where I currently am.  My goal is to get back down as close to 100 pounds as I can healthily (is that a word?!?!?)

So to keep my goal in front of me at all times, I've named my etsy store and my blog SkinnyJenny!!!!

So what's the purpose of this blog?  To tell about me, my crafting, my life, my etsy shop and everything else I feel like posting about!!

I know you all who are reading (probably just my mom and sister at this point) are dying to know my etsy store address and what I sell... I sell jewelry and gifts for every occasion.  The store is still relatively new so there's not too much on there yet but I keep working on it!!  I'm also going to be adding a page on facebook for SkinnyJenny Designs so be sure to "like" that page!!  My etsy store is SkinnyJenny Designs.

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  1. You sound like me.
    I didn't weigh 100 lbs until I got pregnant with my 1st daughter. Now I have 3 daughters, I am going to be 43 this summer and need to loose 10 lbs. I did it a couple years ago. I was down to 100 lbs and looked good and felt even better. Well I slowly gained my 10 lbs back, and am trying to loose it again.
    Good luck to you and me :)